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Leo Man And Libra Woman: Nature Of Bonding

I have this friend who is a aquarius. Me and him used to go out with each other. I really love him, but I think he has a crush on my cancer friend. Also I think my friend likes him back. Whenever we are all together I feel like a 3rd wheel. I want them to both be happy, but whenever I think of my cancer friend even touching my aquarius.

It pisses me off to no end. What should do?

Fight for my Ex or let him be happy with my bestfriend? Aquarius is a no-go for Leos. They go great with Libras. Both aloof. So I am a virgo women 23 and I fell in love with a leo man 9. Months later he started talking to me again but we were or I was very brief with him because I felt bad that I broke up with him. I am actually a very cold and dull person in relationships and I need to work on that and I did but I broke some feelings along my way. Two years have passed and sparks were lighting up for my leo and I end up loving him without him realizing it and I wonder If he likes me like I do eventhough his and my friends say they do but I want him to tell me or should I confess what I feel?

Put your hands on your Leo. Women must understand if you like a guy, touch him! Not a woman. I ring true to all that is said about Leos too. I was married to one and we lasted 6 years, it was fun n laughs til he ran home to hi mother and didnt come back when he was asked to. After that I had no use for him, I was done. Iam in love with a Taurus now, intersting relationship to say the least.

He can set my world on fire or put me in a cave of ice, as he sees fit. When I love its way to hard, I leave myself open for a hurt of a lifetime, I havent figured out how to love in degrees yet, with me its all or nothing. I know I will never love like this again, my feelings for this man and his kids run way to deep to go thru this again.

He ignors my calls and texts for days, but when he calls Iam supposed to answer the 1st ring or he is asking why? But no one has ever set my skin on fire like my Taurus. Is the trade off worth it? If I can hardened my heart to not be hurt when he is being his Taurus self, if I can learn to hold my tongue when my feelings are hurt, and just enjoy the way he says my name, or bask in the way he looks at me, then the answer is hands YES, its worth every minute of it.

He is a exceptional father, a good friend, sexy as hell, strong as a bull, and a great conversationalist, is he a man to be with for life….. It will never work, not in a million years, not in ten million years. No other signs will last very long. What is your sun sign? You are attracted to Leos because they are attractive. Did you try telling him what to do like a mommy? Did you tell him he was wrong about one of his opinions on something? Look up your sign to see who you are compatible with.

If Leo is not on the list, then maybe pass. Less headaches for you. Kinda startin to get into this stuff for fun. The only problem is that Leos tend to be insecure and need reassurence, so when I lose grasp on a situation I find myself doing all I can to get my heaad around it. As long as the love is felt and communication is well recieved then we are easy to talk to. I am a Libra who is in love with a Leo Man. We recently broke up and Im hurt. I really thought he was my soulmate after two years of dating. Being a leo he is being silent and I badly want to make it work somehow?

You and Gemini and Aquarius have way more in common personality-wise. Leo is a little too sensitive for you. Good luck. Cancer Girl Deeply In love with a Leo man,been 1 and a half years or so now. We wree perfect, no argue ments, talked everythign out if there was somethign wrong, but there never was, we just knew each other, we had the same priorities, same personality and respected each other. Perfect man ever! What happens? A Saggitarius Woman Seduced him way, Most tend to!

Thing was he liked her way before me then it went away then now when were at the highest in are relationship, She wnats him, So she did everything in her power to corrupt him and Pull hima way, lyed to him and he believed her, then she did the innocent act. Thing was.. He protected her and followed her like a dog.. Turned him hurtful and he acted cruely to me after I didnt sdo anything, and He even got violent towards me, when he commited hismelf to her, she dropped him, Sags only want attention and what they cant have, I Hope the leos on here read this!

Leos are not compatible with you. Try Scorpio or Capricorn maybe? I am a Leo woman and I have had my full share of almost every zodiac sign you can think of. Yes we do need to be loved, respected, and admired alot. I love compliments, I like a guy to say whats on his mind- be able to express yourself and I love someone who can have intellectual conversations and personality. As leos we love fast and hard, and we dont like to admit our failure or mistake if the realtionship didnt work out as planned, we always try even when our friends say we should give up and move on.

Leos are very generous with our hearts, we forgive easily very optismistic and we love to motivate others where we can and defend someone even if we dont know the whole situation. I am Leo woman married with cancer guy ,and i have daughter. I admire and intensely love capricorn woman. First, I am telling about Leo, when Leo love they mean it deeply. They are soft heart. Love to help everyone, because of this all misuses them and brake their emotions. Yes they want attention from their lover and if they are pretty mature they can rude and end up their relationship quickly.

They can listen when the way of telling is respectful. They are isolated when they are comfortable in their enviorment. Now I am telling about something about Capricorn.


Leo Man in Love & Relationships

Capricorn are not selfish, but they are giving very much space their family and their responsibilities. I love her intensely so I always wish her with me. She has lot of excuses for not to meet personally. One couple of months ago she offerred to play tennis and we played well. She promissed to play again someother day , this day never comes again. Leos are live for their committments , notonly just for their family but also for outer world.

Like a king of jungle. They are real king they know how to love, how to get their love. Thanks for reading! Marteka: I knew you were talking about a Capricorn without you even saying so the moment I read it. I would have told you to run like hell had I seen it earlier. The minute they think you are letting go they turn on the charm again strong. They shower you with incredible attention and affection then bolt. I did it for over 3 years then had to remember who I loved more! We been together for a long while now, things have went wrong ,but at the end we hold on.

He since the beginning, has been a funny, flirtatious guy. I always had a doubt on our relationship. He usually was kind,loving, and opened minded. Through time i felt our relationship fell into routine. He listened and we been trying to work it out. His past was a mess, and just nagging or acting up is just going to make it worse…but..

At the end what makes ANY relationship work..

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This Mr. Leo that I like, he is always on and off. There were many attempts that I wanna really tell him off, I mean, not exactly saying to him, just asking myself to get real. We both acted that way toward certain level and i guess i figured out because we are both co-workers. I was so so so surprised! Ela, Please tell your friend to walk away, and for reasons other than astrological. First, he is married with 4 children. He is NOT going to leave his wife and pay support and alimony on 4 children.

Second, as an unmarried person, she should not be entertaining the idea of a baby. Why run the risk of bringing a baby into a one-parent household when your friend clearly deserves a partner who wants a family, like she wants? Fidelity was not their strong point. They run hot and cold and frequently need to retreat from time to time….. But, I am best friends with my former Sag boyfriend.

I always will be. Our friendship is stronger than our man-woman relationship.

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Good luck to your friend. I have never experienced this before but I struggle to read him at times.

I worry that he is not always warm and loving other than when we are physical. Also i find i love receiving wonderful romantic reassuring messages — which i dont often get. The love signs often talk about their ego which quite frankly the bull does not have much time for.. Do leos cut themselves off from rest of world from time to time — and go into their own space? Am I completely off the page here? Am just speaking from the heart which actually I find lacking on my partner or am i too stupid to notice that it is really there?

Atraction does not equal compatibility. Taurus and Capricorn go well together maybe? Marteka comment exactly as what I facing in last few months.

Love and Marriage Between Pisces Woman and Leo Man | PairedLife

I am Leo and she was Sagittaurus. I facing the same on and off feeling. Do you have what it takes to have a Leo woman fall in love, and stay in love, with you? According to the Leo in love personality traits , Leo women are fiercely independent. She relies on no one when she can help it. She does whatever she wants to keep herself happy. The Leo woman in love works hard so she can play hard later.

She earns everything she has, but she will sometimes use her charm to get her way. Some may call her mischievous, but she thinks of herself as being exciting. The Leo in love signs show that the Leo woman loves excitement. She loves trying new things, going to new places, and meeting new people. This woman will need to be with someone who can keep up with her or someone who enjoys her company for the night.

Others are either drawn to her or repelled. She can choose who to hang out with. Will you be cool enough to catch her eye? The Leo in love astrology reveals that the Leo woman is anything but shy. She thinks it is silly to hide her feelings. She will be open with her partner about her feelings. The Leo woman will also let her partner know when she is getting bored. Leo women are prone to cheating, but a Leo woman in love will not cheat on her partner. She will remain as loyal to him as possible. She wants to do what she can to keep her partner happy.

The last thing she wants to do it hurt him. She will give her all to her partner when she is in love. She will do everything she can to make her partner want to stay with her, as long as she feels like he is doing the same. Leo women want to feel like someone wants to be with them.

According to the Leo in love sexuality , she wants someone to bring out her sexual side. Once that happens, she is sure to take it out on him or her. The Leo in love meaning shows that she loves to try new things in bed as well. She will want to be with someone who has a passion for trying new things. However, she will be a little more lenient with someone who she is in love with.

Leo in love sex is always an adventure when you are with a Leo woman. The best zodiac signs for her are Aries and Sagittarius. However, Libra , Gemini , and other Leos will also make a good match. Even if you are not one of these signs, if you are exciting enough you may be able to keep her attention. If you are ready for an exciting and passionate Leo love relationship, then look no further than the Leo woman. A Leo woman in love is a Leo woman who is full of surprises! If you are ready for an adventurous and passionate Leo in love relationship, then you will want to get a Leo man to fall for you.

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Leos Are Compatible Signs for Other Leos

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who are leo man compatible with Who are leo man compatible with
who are leo man compatible with Who are leo man compatible with
who are leo man compatible with Who are leo man compatible with
who are leo man compatible with Who are leo man compatible with
who are leo man compatible with Who are leo man compatible with
who are leo man compatible with Who are leo man compatible with
who are leo man compatible with Who are leo man compatible with
who are leo man compatible with Who are leo man compatible with

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