December 22 horoscope tlc

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Diverse groups can unite around a common cause and celebrate differences instead of letting them be divisive.

December 22 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

It's kind of a blessing that Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa all happen simultaneously this year. And with cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars entwined in offbeat Aquarius from December 7 to 19, some unexpected romances might be the fringe benefit of all that melting-pot mingling.

Brace yourself for some mansplaining throughout the month. On the 2nd, messenger Mercury embarks on an extra-long tour through patriarchal Capricorn, which lasts until February 7 — and includes glug a retrograde from December 19 until January 8. This doesn't have to put a signal-scrambling spin on celebrations. If you plan to fete the holidays with not-so-woke blokes, come prepared with well-researched data for discussions; or, continue to declare politics a conversational no-fly zone until early But do plan holiday hangouts with your humanitarian friends and activist allies.

Revolutionary Uranus will get a charge from strategic Saturn on the 24th, and world-changing Jupiter on the 26th.

December 22 Zodiac Sign

Would a few people on your gift list appreciate a charitable donation made in their name? This year, we're betting yes.

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New Year's Eve will be dreamy, albeit discombobulating. Daredevil Mars syncs up with fantasy-fueler Neptune in Pisces, the sign that rules both esoteric matters and escapism.

Horoscopes: What Actors Can Expect in November 2017

Let's be honest: had some hellish moments. The key to striking a balance—and making it look easy—is staying ultra-organized, working out once in a while and taking a break from all the frenzy to stay connected.

Grab a pretty top, like this one-shoulder style, head outside and stop and smell the roses. The rest of the world can wait. Your Star Style — Freya Top. A quick trip somewhere sunny may be just what you need. Pick up a spicy little cover-up and head somewhere warm for the weekend. The High Achiever The planets promise an array of new opportunities and surprises are on the horizon as your house of Career continues to be powerful this month.

Your December Horoscope, Revealed

A work trip or a meet-and-greet meeting may give you the chance to mix business with pleasure. Invest in a flattering fit and flare dress that looks professional and eye-catching: You might seal the deal on that big project and have your pick of the litter. Try to put a smile on your face, manage it all with grace, and then plot a quick Spring getaway. The Hot Tamale Variety is the spice of life, and the stars show this month will be sizzling with all the exciting changes coming down the pike. A new promotion. An impromptu guest.

December 22nd Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Capricorn - Part 1

A surprise invite. Pick up a pretty shoulder-baring dress in wild print, open your front door and welcome the unexpected. The possibilities are endless. Spare the world your radical commentary, lest you run the risk of jeopardizing an important alliance. Keep conversation light, getting straight to the point instead of meandering off-topic.

CAPRICORN December 22–January 19

Be mindful of the company you keep this Saturday as intuitive Neptune turns retrograde in emo Pisces and your social-networking sector until November Just slowly wean them out of the fold. A little retail therapy is fine every now and then, but are your shopping sprees masking your need for more TLC?

Practice creative consumerism by hosting a clothing swap or set money aside for something lavish rather than buying on impulse and ending up with remorse. Career options suddenly open up as insightful Neptune pivots into reverse this Saturday, back-spinning through your professional tenth house until November Things may not be as they appear, so vet all offers thoroughly. During this slowed-down, soul-searching transit, you can revisit projects you set aside and ruminate on what kind of changes, if any, would bring you more satisfaction.

Did a starry-eyed romance or budding collaboration sweep you a little too far off the ground? As the veil of illusion lifts and you see the situation more clearly, you could realize that your expectations were unrealistic. Take a step back and reassess your shared goals and visions, making sure you want the same thing out of this. Change is in the air as Neptune turns retrograde in your global ninth house from Saturday until November Some Crabs may do that literally—perhaps sailing up a gorgeous coast—while others will prefer a more figurative approach, like signing up for a pottery class or lecture series.

Instead of paging Dr. Google or trying to figure this out on your own, why not consult a specialist?

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Your body and emotions may be conspiring to deliver an important message. Over these next five months, as soulful Neptune spins retrograde through your mystical, metaphysical eighth house, the most compelling mystery will be your own! This annual reversal pulls back the curtain on aspects of life and relationships that may have been hidden or murky. On Sunday, sexual tension with a friend could cause friction, but pause before you dive in. A tense alignment between love planet Venus and hedonistic Jupiter can conjure chaos.

An inspiring movie could give you something to talk about besides THAT subject. And if all else fails, reschedule! On Saturday, sensitive Neptune kicks off a five-month retrograde in your seventh house of relationships, shedding light on things that may have been just below the level of consciousness.

Draw a thick line in the sand this Sunday, Virgo.

december 22 horoscope tlc December 22 horoscope tlc
december 22 horoscope tlc December 22 horoscope tlc
december 22 horoscope tlc December 22 horoscope tlc
december 22 horoscope tlc December 22 horoscope tlc
december 22 horoscope tlc December 22 horoscope tlc
december 22 horoscope tlc December 22 horoscope tlc
december 22 horoscope tlc December 22 horoscope tlc
december 22 horoscope tlc December 22 horoscope tlc
December 22 horoscope tlc

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