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Similar inflated expectations have been imposed on would-be brides as well. Parents routinely train them to be doctors or lawyers or dentists. My friend trained one of his daughters as a dentist, the other as a doctor. The purpose of this training is to establish their bona-fides, not make a career. The women are expected to give up career upon marriage, which is arranged immediately upon graduation.

All of this nonsense delays marriage to the late 20's or early 30's, with some as late as the early 40's. If these weak marriages go bad, the resulting divorces can be ugly beyond anything you can imagine, as they pit family against family, father-of-the-bride against father-of-the-groom.

This I have also seen. As is well-known, a man's marriage can be delayed almost indefinitely. Indeed, I think men profit by growing out of their boyish exuberance. Women are not the same. If the goal of marriage is to create children, a woman's best childbearing years are in her late teens. After the age of 30, bearing one's first child is no longer such an easy thing. Hence, delayed marriage of girls is a serious social problem. This book tackles this problem, astrologically, from the point of view of the woman herself.

I rather wish the authors had included the parents as well, as the parents are often the underlying cause of the problem. Each of the chapters in this book are given both in English, and in Hindi. So in this 80 page book, there is about 40 pages of English. The translator s is not given. There are 25 case studies in the book, the results are tabulated in a Summary in the back. Vani Publications, 80 pages. Rao Some famous cases Contrasting instances Single woman, some observations, by Dr.

Here, ths issue is not a delayed marriage, but none at all. This is a study of single women who do not marry and remain childless up to the onset of menopause. The Preface defines this as, We must define what we mean by single women. A woman who has remained single til the age of 45 after which her life as a housewife or even as a mother, even if she does get married and becomes a mother through modern costly medical interventions or through adoption, is not the normal life of a woman as we have known traditionally all through the ages.

A girl getting married very early and becoming a mother after her puberty was a known fact seven or eight decades ago almost all over India. Gradually, as literacy levels of women in India increased, the age of marriage also increased from say fifteen to eighteen and now to twenty-eight or upwards.

We do come across instances of single women these days more than some generations ago. When if a woman born in the forties of the last century remained single in India, it was for some special family reasons and could not be attributed to any social change. Therefore we must clearly see that the case of single women in earlier decades was due to some family reasons or even personal reasons, which could be physical handicap even.

But due to sharp social changes, we come across cases of women who are healthy, who could be married and might have become mothers but they remained single. For us astrologers, the case of single women is both a challenge and a very original research. A folksy way of putting it. Each of the studies in this book is presented twice.

First in English, and then in Hindi. For those of you learning the language, these could be useful exercises, in addition to their astrological value. Introduction 2. Parameters - timing of marriage 3.

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Case studies 4. Additional cases 5. Conditional dasha 6. Observations Conclusions Comment : On the cover it says, A group research based on over charts with Navamsha, two dashas and transit of planets by research students of January batch. The students of the Hindi section are given as, Anuj Gupta, G. This gives the impression there would be some articles in English, and others in Hindi, depending on the language of the author. This is not the case. Each article is given twice. The following link will take you to a page with general introductory information regarding what Vedic astrology is, brief history and the philosophy of Vedic astrology.

The following articles are more advanced and of potential interest to all levels of students of Jyotish. Some of the articles are also in the form of PDF files and in various languages. To read them you will need a copy of the free Acrobat Reader. It first appeared in an anthology of Astrology called Lessons in Hindu Astrology This is what one reader from Belgium had to say in relation to this article:.

I have picked up your name from Lessons in Hindu Astrology , as the only one that looks to me as belonging to a person clearly possessing that serious, spiritual frame of mind, which I think to be essential for a practice like that of Jyotish.

CVA Journal

I have been dealing with Jyotish for a long time now, but only as a private kind of interest. I have always kept apart from common astrologers, since I find many of them lacking any truly spiritual background. This is why I am addressing to you, although you live so far away from Europe. Do you happen to know of any serious Jyotish student in Belgium? If you do, will you give me his address, telephone, e-mail?

Astrology: Is it scientific?

It is aimed at the more advanced student and discusses some of the foundational topics of Vedic Astrology. After receiving this article Gayatri Devi, the daughter of Dr. Raman and former editor of the Astrological Magazine, and current editor of Modern Astrology wrote me and commented:. V edic astrology, also known as Jyotisha and Hindu astrology, is the astrology of India originating from the Vedas.

The astrology of India, when practiced properly, has powerful predictive and protective value, profound spiritual implications, and sophisticated remedial measures to uplift the client. Based on the sideral Zodiac, Vedic astrology provides many varied tools for the aspiring practitioner. Vedic astrology is one of the oldest and most revered forms of astrology in current practice. The CVA was founded in as professional community of practicing Vedic astrologers representing a plurality of schools in the Vedic astrological community.

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Since , the Council has provided continuing education and certification of professional Vedic astrologers through sponsoring and co-sponsoring educational symposiums and events, but most importantly we have provided continuing education through our diverse community of CVA professional Vedic astrologers and their educational programs spanning the globe internationally.

The CVA's educational and certification curriculum has been extensively developed and implemented since its inception in under the guidance of the CVA's Certification Committee. David Frawley and the Council board. The Council just celebrated twenty five years with the election of the new CVA board. Although we started our first organizational certificate programs in the West the CVA now proudly claims professional certified membership in over nine different countries.

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vedic astrology research articles Vedic astrology research articles
vedic astrology research articles Vedic astrology research articles
vedic astrology research articles Vedic astrology research articles
vedic astrology research articles Vedic astrology research articles
vedic astrology research articles Vedic astrology research articles

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