Horoscope aquarius january 11 2020

Due to this slow motion, Uranus is a generational planet along with Neptune and Pluto. In astrology, Uranus is linked to surprises, innovation, revolution, and liberation. As the modern ruler of Aquarius , Uranus is demonstrative of all that's unique, wild, unpredictable, and unusual in our lives.


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Sometimes, however, Uranus appears to move backward in the sky; this visual backward motion is known as Uranus retrograde. Uranus stations retrograde once every year, spending just under half of the year retrograde; these retrogrades normally last five months. During these transits, Uranus appears to move backward in the sky, recovering approximately four degrees each retrograde.

Overall, Uranus spends about forty percent of its time in retrograde. What Uranus threatens us with not physical death, but a creative, soul-level withering, an inability to thrive that, if allowed to settle within, would rot us from the inside out. Without Uranus' upending ways, many of us would nestle deep into our most familiar ruts and never look back, comfortable in our ambivalence. Uranus pushes us past the edge comfort, and further still—it is at these boundaries, somewhere between order and abject chaos, where genius and creativity thrive.

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Uranus shows up in our lives as both the crackle of lightning which burns down our most prized structures as well as the enlightening bolt of intuitive knowing that evokes innovation. Vacillating powerfully—and unexpectedly—between breakdown and breakthrough, Uranus' transits are notoriously difficult to predict in astrological interpretations and singular in their ability to produce out-of-the-blue, shocking outcomes. More positively, Uranus acts as an awakener, prodding us to face those things which we may intuitively know already but struggle to confront.

These wake-up calls, which are often brutally timed, may force us to let go of parts of our ego-identities which are in danger of suffocating the entire system. The urge to transform our reality that is produced by Uranus transits is best re-examined during the Uranus retrogrades, when we may have better objectivity, and a cooler, more even-keeled approach.

During Uranus retrogrades, the volatile pace and pitch of Uranus' energy is halted, dulled, and brought to a manageable level, so that we may finally find a way to focus its brilliance and make use of it. Uranus is retrograde nearly forty-one percent of the year, and thus, it is relatively normal to have Uranus retrograde in the natal chart.

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    Horoscope aquarius january 11 2020
    Horoscope aquarius january 11 2020
    Horoscope aquarius january 11 2020
    Horoscope aquarius january 11 2020
    Horoscope aquarius january 11 2020

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