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The resulting images are just as whimsical as the readings that emerge from an actual reading of the cards. The amazing group of artists included in the project created cards in a range of media photography, painting and collage and each infused an additional sense of allure and magic into this already heavily charged lam of mystery.

Not only may viewers enjoy the actual works in the exhibition of the original cards, but they may also take them home in this unique catalogue in the form of a deck of Tarot cards in and of itself! It will be located inside and outside The Andy Warhol Museum in its side and back alleys. Skip to content. Catherine Opie, Josh , Courtesy the artist and Regen Projects, Los Angeles.

Curated by Stacy Engman. Related Good Fridays Fridays 5—10pm.

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Print Party Friday, December 13, 6—8pm. Put your anger in check. Those of you thinking of self-improvement, this is the time to do so. Plan something creative to get yourself busy and avoid stress. Take adequate rest and a good diet to stay healthy. Tensions from the recent past would ease. Listen to your body and work accordingly. The spiritual journey would prove healing.

Career-wise, this is a good time to start planning long term. Work methodically. You are likely to get an intriguing business opportunity this week. The investments you made are likely to bring in returns with interest. On the love front, you will face confusion. Think calmly and carefully about what your deal-breakers are in a relationship. Be honest with yourself first, and then with your beloved. Lucky number 8 Lucky colour Magenta Lucky day Friday. Your physical strength is beyond comparison this week. Some of you may embark on an overseas trip or get an opportunity to work, study, or live overseas for an extended period of time.

Wherever you go, you will encounter new experiences and welcoming hosts who will embrace you and invite you into their world. Overall, this is a good week.

On the career front, you will gain success. An enhanced status, promotion or designation is on the cards. Your abundant energy and self-confidence will give you a boost to move ahead. On personal grounds, you may meet a romantic person. A good news, particularly in the matters of the heart, is headed your way. Be open to exploring your feelings. Lucky number 13 Lucky colour Brown Lucky day Saturday.

You need time and a quiet environment to connect with your soul and the energies around. Health, vitality and inner vibrancy will fill you with positive energy and inspiration. Creative ideas will occupy your mind. Career-wise, you may be required to bring about some changes. Some of you who are not satisfied with your current job, would find yourself looking out.

Switching to a new role is likely. The good news is that the job you land will be better than the previous one. Transfer to a desired place may require you to travel. On the personal front, you may come across an analytical mind. Ensure you do not engage in silly debates. Take some time out and show your concern. Let the heart speak louder than the mind. Lucky number 11 Lucky colour Beige Lucky day Sunday. This is a great time to consider what you are doing to increase your health and vitality.

Plan your routine. Attend to your spiritual side in solitude and reach out to others. On the career front, good news is on the cards. You will reap the benefits of the choices that you make. An opportunity may surprise you. Your company might send you on a foreign assignment.

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This is a good time for those in the export and import business. You have the potential to crack the most difficult competitive exam and face the interview with confidence.

In love, those who are committed may find their workload or that of their partner to be interfering with the relationship. Make time and space for the relationship regardless of your jobs, otherwise, things will suffer.


Weekly Tarot May 13-19

Lucky number 20 Lucky colour Mauve Lucky day Monday. You can resolve all your health problems with your wisdom. With your experience and maturity, you can be in control of your life. Instead of being innovative, adapt to the existing set of beliefs and systems.

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A new theory or fashionable trends will not work for you this week. On the career front, a foreign assignment is on the cards. This is the time to remind yourself of your real value. In terms of your relationship, messages of love and affection will come your way. You feel pampered and seek to rejuvenate yourself. Those who are single, a new suitor with whom you have a lot in common, and who is also very adventurous, may enter your life. There is a lot to look forward to. Lucky number 18 Lucky colour Silver Lucky day Wednesday. An rise in your health and vitality is foreseen this week.

Those who are dealing with a serious illness, may find a healer. Think positively and expect the best. Your life will deepen immeasurably if you reach out.

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Career-wise, learn to delegate responsibilities, especially when overloaded with work. You may face a dilemma at your workplace which demands action or decision. Analyse all available information before making a decision. On the love front, you are likely to question whether you and your long-term partner should stay together. Singles, this is a time when commitment may be coming your way very shortly. Lucky number 17 Lucky colour Grey Lucky day Saturday.

This week you need to let go of the past and any wrongs that you perceive were done to you. Especially if you are dealing with chronic medical issues.

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