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Your current circumstances veer you away from your long term goals, but they help heal you in the process.


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They help you learn to express yourself, and on Sunday, Mercury moves into Sagittarius. This opens the door for even more adventure. How is this showing up in your love life? Right now, the adventure is the goal, so keep enjoying and growing. Allow this wild ride to take you to whatever lovers help you feel free. That and the Taurus full moon turn your mind to love. Take a good long look at yourself in the mirror — literally. Mirror meditation is a great way to get to know yourself better and fall even more deeply in love with yourself. As lucky as you may feel, there is still space for your love to grow even deeper.

Watch your tendency to imagine worst case scenarios and to criticize your desires.

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Notice how this keeps you from getting everything you want. It reminds you to take care of your body and material needs as well as your spiritual ones.

Born on November 3 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

This is actually a really great thing for you, but the return to Earth can leave you feeling depressed. Love Lesson: Great partners give each other space to feel however they feel. The full moon opposes Jupiter, and Mercury moves into Sagittarius. This gives you a lot to process.

Instead, allow these realizations to motivate you to make different choices going forward. Taurus energy is just as down-to-earth as you are, but it gives you permission to pause your ambitions. Love becomes about slow seduction and relaxing into each other. You want them to respect your desire to keep everything just so in order to achieve your goals, but this weekend, demands are softened, and romance flourishes.

Do you want to be partnered or alone? The question suddenly feels incredibly urgent. Allow yourself quiet time alone to reflect and tune into what you truly want. On Friday, ask the universe to help you make the decision that best serves your highest purpose, and let yourself receive the answer. The moon sextiles Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and the more time you spend in nature, the more connected and full of love you will feel. Cook a delicious meal for two.

Sit with your indoor plants. Make your own tea blend with herbs. The moon enters Gemini, and you might deceive yourself about something. Love Lesson : To be heard, speak clearly, honestly, and from the heart. Want more info on how November will play out?

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Check out your exclusive November horoscope! She offers private readings, coaching, healing, and more through her company, Fleeting Connections. Read your November love horoscope! Feature illustration by Dorian Legret. Leo parents always do. You have the wisdom to be the support they need.

Birthday Horoscope November 3rd

Virgo Aug. You might spend time daydreaming or being caught up in wishful fantasies. You might also advise them. Libra Sept. However, some of you might have some imaginative, far out ideas about how to raise money or boost your income. Write them down to consider them later.

Horoscopes ~ October 28 - November 3

Scorpio Oct. You find it easy to be sympathetic and empathetic, which is why you can handle this Full Moon with grace. Or her brother Matthew.

November 3, 2005 Birthday Facts

Sagittarius Nov. This is why you will do what you can to help them, even if it means putting their needs and wants before yours. Naturally, practising kindness brings its own rewards. Capricorn Dec. However, it often means that you cannot see that person realistically.

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Nevertheless, enjoy warm friendships today. Aquarius Jan. Perhaps you will have gentle discussions with them, despite the pressures of this particular Full Moon. Pisces Feb. Because your appreciation of beauty is heightened, give yourself a chance to enjoy beautiful places like art galleries or museums. You are strong willed and determined.

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There is often an air of mystery about you. This year you will be more involved with others. Personal responsibilities with friends and family will be important, as will your service to others. Why not explore a makeover or do something that is rejuvenating? Postmedia is pleased to bring you a new commenting experience.

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Horoscopes november 3

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